unPRedictable Summer (DCA)

I’m not a fortune teller, a psychic, or Nostradamus. I don’t know when the world will end, if you’ll get lucky, or where you were the night before the workout. But I do know a couple straight up, can’t deny, most likely scientifically proven facts:

1. November Project DCA will continue to crush workouts, hug strangers (that are now friends), build an incredible community, and grow faster than the grass on the National Mall. Don’t miss out on it. And don’t let your friends miss out on it. Let’s break 300 at a workout. Screw it. Let’s break 400. We have 1500+ likes on Facebook just from the DC proper. WHERE ARE THEY?

2. This summer will be hot. It’s DC. We’re going to sweat…A LOT. So bring hydration. Replenish those fluids. Keep it all in one spot with everyone else’s and make sure you take all your stuff with you when you leave.

3. The fastest racers each month (17 Lincoln Logs) will have the privilege of wearing the Lincoln hat for the next month (see below).


     IMG_6150     IMG_6151

4. We will change this city. We will make it a better place. We will manufacture smiles. Let the positivity and love you feel at NP spread to every part of your life: family, friends, coworkers, strangers, etc.

5. FRIDAY’s location will be starting at the SE corner of the Capitol Building. Be there at 6:28AM as we are running to our final destination.

Another month down. Another PR week in the books.



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