NPSF: Lost in translation!

So the smooth and easy transition from Alamo Square to NPSF’s new home, Alta Plaza, may not have went quite to plan! Who would have thought that there was going to be such an issue. Both the Irish and Americans speak the exact same language… but let’s get real here, do people actually have any notion what new leader, Paddy, is actually saying? He may/may not have turned up to Alta Plaza on a completely different day or time to everyone else. We took a little video of the Irishman in his moment of frustration.


But hey, every transition has its teething problems but we finally figure it out. Back in ’99, the Europeans changed to the Euro without much fuss; the internet didn’t crash with the Y2K bug (thanks Tantek!!); and Paddy has started to drive on the correct side of the road (it’s the right, right? Or the left right??)… anyhoooo, I digress!!! This morning, 120 NPSFers (30+ newbies) came out to the Alta Plaza steps, crushed some repeats, and annihilated their PRs. OK fair enough, so everyone set a PR… oh, there’s an idea, maybe we should move locations for every PR… then everyone’s a winner ( Regardless you all killed it, especially Lillian and Tantek’s #nopasoparun gang who threw in a 5.30am Alamo Square PR run beforehand.

It was also yearbook time… where everyone turned up in their Sunday best, so Ms. Daniels could take photos of us with her weird satellite thingymabob attached to a smartphone. Lads and ladies, you looked absolutely gorgeous! A special shout out to Kenny Wong, Gethyn, Braden and the Frenchman who looked smashing in black tie. Looked suspiciously like a “walk of shame” of sorts. Oh Kenny Wong!!!


Top 5 PR counts below (# of step repeats):


1. Hologram 19.72
2. Hutch        18
3. Jorge        17
3. Pete k        17
3. Ben D.       17
1. Lauren P  15
2. Molly     13
2. Danielle B 13
2. Taylor 13
2. Katy K 13
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