#UniteLA (LAX)

No we don’t mean uniting Louisiana. As awesome as the state of PoBoys, jazz, and crocs is, we mean the good ‘ole city of Los Angeles. November Project is a mission in the city of LA. Tom Cruise said he wouldn’t sign on for another Mission Impossible so his under studies, Angelo and Orrin took the reigns.  Much like NYC there are different burrows and what seems like easy connect-abilty amongst the masses, with highways and everyone able to commute by automobile. You’d think it would be a piece of cake. But this ends up turning into a cluster of gridlock and people often secluding to their specific neighborhood. Here, so many people lock themselves in their cars, where they commute to work, with no interaction. Some will then go sit in a cubicle, with no interaction. Works over. Right back into their cars. We want to challenge this. We want people to get as many hugs in before that rush hour, to meet a new friend before the fluorescent lights replace the sunrise and to ultimately Unite LA through our camaraderie that is November Project-Los Angeles. Preachy… maybe. Fun…Yes. Doable… Fuck YEAH!

So after a little uniting this morning we decided to add a little twist to the typical workout with sets of stairs intertwined between exercises such as lunges, bear crawls, and frog jumps. After each exercise you were to sprint to the end repeating the set of stairs and onward. We stuck to one section of the bowl which allowed for more high fives and easy ass slapping access.

And did we mention some dirty beats. Vance, the man otherwise known as “Clementine” (for his impeccable wardrobe of orange), broke down his moves with the worm mid-work, proving his worth to all the ladies.


The biggest highlight of today was LA’s first day getting #grassrootsgear. The tribe has never looked so badass. Our LAX logo was inspired from the many Art Deco buildings here in LA. This time period was booming with friendship and what we like to think, positivity. It was a time of community wether it be family or a dance hall.  So it only seems perfect to pull in the classic Hollywood vibe.


April is starting off just right! With #grassrootsgear making its merry way and the positivity of the tribe bursting beyond Wednesday morning, we can only see LA going up from here. #UniteLA

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