Touche Mother Nature, Touche

As sure as shit, it fucking rained in San Diego.
We felt like the kids who were finally caught mouthing off about their grandma’s cookies. Mother Nature decided to stick it to us this week, and actually rain during our workout. For an entire 22 minutes and 36 seconds, Mo Na tsunami’d down on the small but mighty tribe of San Diegans that showed up this morning going: yeah, I DARE you to rain, you biotch. And she did.

For those tribe members who are native to this fair land, I imagine you felt extra badass today. Getting all muddy, rain pouring off your face, sprinting up the hill like a banshee to avoid doing extra burpees…you earned your weekend early my friends. I for one, felt transported back to a scene from Hard Rain – I may have been feeling like Betty White at times – but that’s neither here nor there. For those of you who are too young to remember the 1998 thriller, I’ve provided a snippet of the trailer so you can pick up what I’m putting down. It’s a pretty accurate foreshadowing of what we experienced today.

Our brethren Canadian (his name is Chris) at one point stated: “I’m colder here than in Canada”… let me say it again: “colder. here. than. in. Canada”. Was it because in Canada, they are epically prepared for subzero temperatures? Was it because our brother Chris was in shorts and a brilliant neon Tshirt, which thanks to the monsoon we experienced was now soaking wet? Was it the Dirty 30 getting to the brain? Maybe all of the above, but consider my mind blown for the rest of the day.

If I wasn’t already picking up pieces of my cranium from the wet, soggy ground, Mother Nature would have ensured that I did after our workout. Just to remind us that 1. She’s in charge 2. She can do whatever the fuck she wants and 3. She’s the original neon tribe member. I give you the TRIPLE RAINBOW – yeah you heard me. WHAT DOES IT MEAN????


Happy 1/2 Birthday to the NPSD tribe btw…it’s been an epic six months!
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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