Turkey Coma’s….


Turkey Coma’s….some last minute cancellations for some well earned and harty stairs for breakfast. It was said that they slipped something in their turkey dinners that kept them from coming, I dunno if we believed it, but we still crushed some stairs, full on PB&J style.

We chanted the “peanut butter…jelly” beats, only those who show up know what its all about, guess you’ll have to be there Wednesday. Oh, and mother nature had a plan, she threw in some snow for us, and it was gorgeous, think the Easter Bunny asked her for it.

With all that being said, we joined 19 cities across North America, we bounced, we hugged, we laughed, and we dominated more stairs than any normal person (clearly cause we aren’t normal).

Show up Wednesday 6am at the Shaw Millennium Skate Park, there are few surprises coming your way….bring your running shoes and your hugs.

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