No Chocolate Eggs for the Tribe (YEG)

I remember waking up many Easter mornings at 6AM eager to find my Easter basket filled with goodies. We’d hunt around the house excited to find lifesaver books, chocolate mini-eggs, marshmallow bunnies and all the other sugary goods that were left while we were sleeping. Then, with all of those cavity-inducing treats sitting right in front of us we were supposed to have a healthy breakfast which usually included the hard boiled eggs we’d had fun colouring the day before (we never got to eat the prettiest ones though since those were saved for the green Easter wheat arrangements that were taken to decorate the church). Our NPCanada Easter morning was a slightly modified version of what I grew up experiencing. Instead of chocolate and sugary treats the NPCanada Easter Bunny delivered eggs filled with letters and exercises. Oh and…instead of hunting for the hidden Easter eggs, NP Easter had the tribe sprinting the length of a field to pick up an egg. Oh and…instead of filling a basket with candy to “win” the tribe had to spell “HAPPY EASTER” – 11 simple letters that cost 25 plank jacks, star jumps, sit ups, pushups, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, split jumps, hoistys, and burpees. Oh and…instead of saving the prettiest hardboiled coloured eggs for church, they were awarded to the winning group…a healthy breakfast option!

Ok…I guess with all of those exceptions, maybe the NP Easter morning is quite different then when I grew up but it felt so similar since the contagious energy and positive vibe of the tribe reminded me so much of all of those other Easter mornings I grew up experiencing with my family. The tribe is a big family…a strong community that works together, that encourages one another, that hugs, high 5s, & supports each other.

We meet again Wednesday, at the bottom of the Royal Glenora Stairs 6AM sharp! Be there or be square. Drop your verbal using the tracker.

Until next time, SMILE! J

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