Socks on His Hands


If you’ve met Larry Anderson you have probably seen him with socks on his hands.  Well, if you’ve seen Larry in the last 6 months anyway.  Larry’s a tribe member who keeps it real.  He shows up diligently day after day, puts the work in, and keeps his head down.  I always encourage Larry to race, reminding him that he bothered to show up so he may as well make shit happen while he’s there.  His response is usually the same: he looks up at me with a great big smile, puts out his sock-covered hand, and gives me a high-five as he continues running.  This is a man who happens to coach a well-know collegiate basketball team in Boston.  He might have access to some sweet gear from companies looking to outfit people with their brand.  But Larry is #weatherproof in a whole ‘nother league.  This dude puts socks on his hands and gets to running, stair-climbing, burpeeing, and whatever else we throw at him.  It just goes to show you that there are no good excuses for not training outside through the winter.  If you have a pair of socks, you’re good to go. (His cute red beanie doesn’t hurt either!)

And if you need a little jingle in your head for the day, try replacing “socks on his hands” in the song by another dude named Larry…popularized on American Idol, “Pants on the ground.”   Socks on his hands, socks on his hands.  Looking real cool with his socks on his hands. Enjoy that earworm!


Today the tribe met up in a little park in the Harvard Square area, where we did 19 minutes of hard work.  The kind of work that leaves you both exhausted because you sprinted your ass off around the block & down the alley way and also fatigued from the many many burpees you did in between sprinting and side-planking.  You get done with a workout like that and you feel like you got your ass kicked.  You’re a little muddy from being all down in the grass and dirt, you’re a little sweaty from the intensity and the fact that it’s not freezing out anymore, and you feel like you could go back to bed because what you just accomplished in the last 19 minutes is enough to call it a day! But how good is it that we get to go on with our days, go to work or whatever else we do, and know that is how we started the day?  It’s freaking awesome.  The tribe was challenged to race their teammates of three to do more burpees than the others while they rotated around running, planking, and burpeeing, and you should be recording those burpee numbers so you can brag your face off.  Not only did you DO the workout, but you did a LOT of burpees too.

side planks


  • Your taxes are due April 15th.  If you haven’t done them, it’s a good idea to get them done.
  • Why does the first piece of news matter to the November Project community? Well, you see the Boston Marathon is coming soon (T-minus 14 days) and we will be doing #GrassrootsGear tagging again before the marathon so all you runners can get your race day clothes looking gooooood.  And all you spectators can get out there in your tagged gear and #RecruitEveryone.  NEXT TAGGING DAY = WEDNESDAY APRIL 15th during the morning workouts.  If you’re up late doing your taxes on April 14th you may not show up to run.  Or if you’re reserving April 15th as the morning to bang the taxes out, well, it’s just going to impact your Free Fitness schedule.  So get them done.  Do it now.  Plan ahead.  Just do your taxes so you can come to the workout and get your gear tagged. (And yes, we still need volunteers for tagging.  Message me if you’re interested)
  • Let’s get serious about expanding this free fitness community.  What we need you to do is to look around at your family, friends, co-workers, and random acquaintances.  Then commit to sharing this community with them.  Don’t keep it to yourself.  Decide who deserves to get selected, invited, and brought into this amazing tribe.  And then BRING THEM! We expect new faces at workouts. We need more hugs.
  • There is NO snow at all at the stadium.  None.  Not a bit.  Not a flake. Not a pile or a piece of ice.  Fuck Yeah, every step every section.  Let’s get dialed in on Wednesday.

See you at Harvard Stadium.  5:30AM and 6:30AM.  Bring your bouncing shoes, your racing shoes, your party shoes, bring any damn shoes you want… #JustShowUp

new group photo

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