Track Me Everywhere (DCA)

Listen up. Hold the phone. Hold bounce. Hold the mic.

We need to chat. Before we chat, go here: and click a box that says terms and conditions.

And listen, we get it, “we’re grassroots, we don’t need liability insurance!” Well, we’re a grassroots movement that is here to stay. And in reality, we know if one you fucking beautiful people twisted your ankle, you wouldn’t come after Steve’s student loans, Kaelan’s acting dough, or Mission Bar’s deep kickstarter funds. But, all it takes is one person, in one city to twist a knee and have this whole thing come tumbling down. So for this thing to work in 1 billion cities, with hundreds of thousands of people, we need to put our big kid pants on to protect our brand.

So, go do it.

I’m waiting…..



Well today was a fucking blast. Just going to leave it at that.

FRIDAY: Potential Tropical Storm Joaquim workout. That’s dope. Meet at Archives Metro at 6:29. Do not, I repeat, do not be late. Want to help pick up some trash beforehand? Meet at 6:20. We’ll have supplies, just need your hands.

Love is fucking always,


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