On Point (DEN)

Basking in the afterglow of a glorious weekend hanging with our friends, becoming BFFs with tribe members from across the country, and crowd surfing the real life super hero formerly know as Dean “Pleather Legs” Karnazas, your November Project 5280 tribe, quickly found their Amphitheater legs again and tackled the PR Clover course at Denver’s Civic Center.

NP5280 at NPSummit at ECSUT #TheNorthFace
NP5280 at NPSummit at ECSUT #TheNorthFace

While we’re on the subject of PR Clovers, how about that vibe today, ehh? (Shoutout to Calgary Tribe – Rick & Tom & Tom & Rick). Our newer/sleeker/lighter/battery-free version of Boombox Benny screamed out beats loud enough to rock the Porta Potty (Thank you, engineers at Jabra). Your fluorescent shirts splattered with grassroots colored paint made quick work of the Amphitheater, as did the high fives, the impromptu injury/tapering/cheer stations, and the hustle of you all reaching toward your PR goals and pushing your limits.

Now back to the recap of the November Project Summit. You’ve heard it once before and you’ll hear it a million times again: This Shit Is Good ™. And by recap, I mean, check out the pics on the socials, because each pic is worth a few hundred words. This shit is wickedly, awesomely great. If you think you are part of a fitness group that meets twice a week, you are wrong. You are part of something much bigger, we are ground zero in an innovative era of health, interaction, and spirit. See what I did there? I didn’t even use the “C” word, yeah you know what I’m a talking about.

The LieutenantSarGeral can’t encourage you enough to become a bigger slice of this Community pie. There I said it. Because we, the NP5280 tribe, the November Project global family, are only as good as the people we are with.

Eine Liebe,

Lt. Flanniel

FRIDAY: Convention Center Stairs 530/615A. Flannel Cat Shirt Friday.

530 PR Commanders
530 PR Commanders
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