Vinyasa PRs for breakfast (BAL)

Coming back from #NPSummit 3.0….there are no words. The many of you that asked how Utah was this weekend, I usually answered “No fun at all. Zero fun sir.” But in reality, when I sit down to really tell you, I’d say it is probably one of the most inspiring weekends of the year. There are no words. There are certainly a lot of photos that you could probably piece together a timeline. But let me just say this:

Whether you were in Utah, Baltimore, or on your couch this weekend, know this: YOU are changing this landscape and this world we know as “fitness” and “community.” This weekend it was so truly evident that sometimes I needed to take a step back and process internally. Lives are being changed, races are being changed, companies are being changed – all from a hug, a fuck yeah, a smile, and a true desire to love your city and love the people in it.


So to that I lift up my green tea and say Congratulations. Congratulations for racing this past weekend. Congratulations for getting out of bed on a rainy Wed morning. Congratulations to our man Wookie for being featured in Runner’s World and running the Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim. Congratulations (in advance) to Nick P that will set out for his first Iron Man this weekend. Congratulations to Eric + Jen on now BOTH having a ring, oh those newlyweds. Congratulations to Free Baltimore Yoga on their 2 month anniversary. Congratulations for donating and signing up and stepping out of your comfort zone. Congratulations to you, just being your gosh-darn-good self. We love you always.

Some pretty awesome announcements:
Track your PR time. Do it now because you’re definitely going to forget that time otherwise.
#BaltiTour starts Friday. 6:30AM Druid Hill Park. Exact location coming soon.

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