Toughen Up

If you think you’re tough, rugged, resilient, or any of those other words like fierce, determined, or full of grit–I’ve got some questions for you:

1. Were you at the Monday #DestinationDeck workout this morning?  All those fierce fuckers who showed up know what it’s like to dig in for straight minutes of  jumping lunges, partner pushups & mountain climbers, or for two minutes straight of planks and squat holds.  Those things burn.  Oh, does it make you a tougher human being if you showed up in the rain?  The not-quite hot-summer-day kind of rain, but just cool enough that if you get soaked (which you cannot avoid) and you get cold, then you get really cold kind of rain.  Hell yes, showing up in the rain makes you tougher. Rain is an obstacle that many of us use from time-to-time to form a reason why we shouldn’t get out of bed, get outside, or get our bodies to move.  Decide to be #weatherproof and commit to that, regardless of whether you get wet, and it makes you tougher.

2. Did you do a Sebastian?  Yeah, that kind of Sebastian–the 7 minutes of all-out-hard-as-fuck burpees–that you seriously think you might die while you do, but if you do all those minutes of hard work like we did this morning before it, and THEN commit to the 7 straight minutes of burpees, otherwise known as a Sebastian, you not only stay warm in the rain, but you get hot, you get fired up, and you go off into your day tougher than you started. If you weren’t there this morning and you want to toughen up (especially if you’ve ever said, “I need to get in better shape before I go to November Project.”), then get your ass to Mondays.  You CAN show up and you CAN do whatever we throw at you, even hard workouts like a Sebastian.  We don’t judge anyone by how many you do, it’s about committing to doing them and getting better at them–it’s doing them that makes you tougher.

3. Are you like Sleeping Bear?  Speaking of workouts named after someone (the Sebastian was named after our local badass who started out setting the bar for burpees done in 7 minutes) we met a dude recently who just showed up to our workout in Boston.  This guy introduced himself as Sleeping Bear, which is the name he’s known by on the Appalachian Trail.  He’s hiking the AT, south to north, he’s kayaking the entire Mississippi River, north to south, and he’s biking across the country from Portland to Portland, east to west.  We were totally impressed with everything about this guy and our workout on Wednesday will be the Sleeping Bear.  In honor of his huge pack he carried along with him, we’re all wearing backpacks on Wed while we climb stairs in the stadium.  So wear your backback on Wednesday.  Put anything from one shirt inside it to a couple water bottles, to heavy books, to your own children, or even a child you’ve borrowed from a friend.  But show up with some extra weight in a pack and get to climbing.  Of course it will be harder to climb the stairs with even a couple of additional pounds to battle gravity–but remember what it’ll do?  It’ll make you tougher.

We all choose to be a part of this tribe, this community, this movement, this fitness thing because we want the support, accountability, and the challenge that comes from not doing it alone.  Whether you get up, lace up your shoes, and show up because you want to toughen up or because you have some other objective, we know that doing hard shit makes you tougher and that helps with all of the objectives we have.

This week is all about being tough.

Rain and Sebastians today, Sleeping Bear packs on our backs on Wednesday, and week 2 of #IndianaJunes on Friday.  We’re not fucking around, but we’re having a really good time as we toughen up.

This is the final week before ECSMA–The North Face Endurance Challenge MA, held at Mt. Wachusett on June 9-10.  If you want to race and still haven’t signed up, use the NP Boston Social FB group to find a team for the relay, or sign up directly for any of the solo events being held on Saturday or Sunday.  You can still use NP20 to get a 20% discount.

If you want/need more info about trail running, either for this weekend or for life in general, definitely also show up to The North Face store on Newbury St. tomorrow, Tues 4/5, for a trail “newbie” meeting of sorts.  You’ll learn from a super experienced trail runner at TNF about how to navigate trails, learn more about the differences between trail and road running (and how to get comfortable on trails), read trail maps, learn good info about gear/shoes, and you’ll be able to ask any other questions you have.  FB event info is HERE, sign up so we know you’re coming!

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