Too good NOT to share! (YEG)

A Lesson in Sharing

Last week a tribe member sent me home with 4 delicate, delicious, delectable homemade chocolates. I made a conscious decision to take those little nuggets of deliciousness to work without telling anyone at home about the treasure I’d been gifted…they were simply so amazing that they couldn’t be shared!

Today as over 200 tribe members gathered at the base of the Royal Glenora Stairs I was reminded that, unlike my chocolates,  November Project  is simply SO AMAZING that it MUST BE SHARED! And share we did! We shared hugs, high 5’s, burpees, bread, smiles, situps, birthday hats, pushups, stairs, a parking lot, energy, flash photography, a grafitti backdrop, birthday sparklers, and the postivity award! So much sharing!!


Huge thank you to Christophe who shared his photography talents with us this morning taking a ton of #yearbook photos. Thank you to Steven for the wicked #yearbook photo grafitti backdrop!

IMG_0018 Congratulations to Greg for sharing his passion for November Project with everyone he knows…I’m sure he drives his family, friends and colleagues crazy…but we love that!! So deserving of the #positivityaward this morning. IMG_0019

Speaking of sharing, we have a new way of sharing our workouts and locations and you have a new way to share your #verbals, PR day results, and consent (by clicking yes on a waiver so Nadim and Jen don’t lose their houses one day).

Sign up for NP Tracker NOW & drop your verbal for Halloween Hills. Bookmark it, put it on your homescreen, love it, high five it, hug it, just sign up! PS. Sign up will take people under 23 seconds (record currently held by Nadim) #raceeverything

Moving forward, this is is something that we will be needing everyone to do…everyone will need to have signed up for an account and from there, you can use it however you want.

One more thing, if you want to win and be the first to own  the NEW NP Buff, the current high score for new recruits at a single workout is 7 (held by Angela).

See you all Friday morning! 6AM Looking forward to all of the Halloween costumes!

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