NPSF, our tunnel goes both ways

“NPSF, our tunnel goes both ways” – Meredith Bock, Alta Plaza Park

It’s quotes like these that give us amazing fodder for a blog post. Am I right? Not since the days of the Tinder workout and Complement Squats have your coleaders had something like this to get our creative minds flowing. Though the fear about this blog… after spending the past 2 weeks with two Irish buddies, Paddy’s blog post would be either too confusing, too lewd, or too uninterpretable for even the most advanced Paddy-American English translator to handle. Sure we even sent McCloskey and her manfriend to Dublin for the summer to somewhat grasp what on earth the Irishman is saying, and they still haven’t a notion. Indubitably, we’d get lost in this chaotic conglomerate of irrational translations. Soooo it’s probably best that we just tell you about some of the huge shit that we mentioned is going down all across the #NP17!

(Sidenote: It is so class to use indubitably in a blog post. It is, indubitably, the greatest word in the English language. See that Inception shit I just pulled off there)

NP Workout Tracker

The tribe across North America now have access to our very own workout tracker where tribe members can follow their progress throughout the year. You can find the link to it through Record Results link in the navigation on our website or by going directly to The whole website is extremely simple: Sign up/Log in, Record the Score, and/or verbal for the future workouts. The benefits of using the tracker are huge: you can record your individual progress from various workouts (PR Wednesdays, Friday Hills, etc), and we can learn a lot from analysing the data across all of the tribes (and finally show everyone that NPSF is by far the most athletic, badass tribe out there #RoadToMarin). In this continent-wide push to get #3014 people out on a Wednesday running together and getting #freefitness with the November Project, this resource is also useful for us to track how many people attended the workouts. Once you register (just the first time), you will also sign a digital waiver. Given we are doing these workouts out in the open and in public parks, this is pretty essential for us to continue the great movement!

So check out the site, sign up and please make sure to update your scores after the workout. It’ll be a great feeling when you see your records get better and better, as you get faster, fitter and stronger over the winter months.

Also if you experience any bugs or glitches in the software, please let us know.


Friday Hills – Lyon Street Steps – Halloween Friday

This Friday, we hit up the crowd pleaser, the Lyon Street Steps. It is Halloween on Friday, so we’re all dressing up in fancy dress (or costumes as North Americans call it). The theme is Woodstock. We want to see hippies, flower-power, peace, love and Jimi Hendrix. We’re taking Haight Ashbury 1960’s hippie movement.

Meet at Greenwich and Lyon… 6.22AM

November Project’s 3rd birthday & Yearbook photos

On Wednesday November 5th, it will be 3 years since our two co-founders started running the Harvard Stadium which led to this whirlwind ride as this movement spread across North America. To celebrate every tribe in the NP17 is taking their own YEARBOOK PHOTOS. Historically, yearbook photo day has been one of the biggest days for each individual tribe that has held one. Why? Because everyone wants a yearbook photo (check the photos below). Trust me… you want one. You do. SO! For the first time ever, all 16 tribes will be having their yearbook photo days on the same day. As we said above, the tribe at large has set the following goal for ourselves in 2014: 3014 members on a single Wednesday. YEARBOOK PHOTO DAY may be our best chance at achieving that. Check out the Facebook event, click attending (therefore dropping your verbal) and #JustShowUp. Also bring friends, it’d be rude not to expose them to the unbelievable community that we’re part of!


The #WorldTakeover is real and happening right now! Check out the blog from corporate to realise the enormity of it:

The BIG Announcement in Boston



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Have a great Wednesday, tribe! Go Giants!

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