Today’s workout shall be called… (SD)

Okay. We have a dilemma. There is a two way fight for the naming of this morning’s workout. I need your help.

Choice 1: The Poseidon. Clearly named for the Trident like shape of the pattern of the workout today.

Choice 2: The Wandering Albatross. Clearly named for the bird like shape formed on Strava of the workout today.

Please comment on the FB album with your vote: 1 for Poseidon and 2 for the Wandering Albatross.

Thank you.


In other news, this morning was awesome. Some of you felt really uncomfortable, and for that I am not sorry. It’s good for you.

You all raced hard. You all high fived even harder. Typing this is difficult due to the enthusiasm of your high fives.

If there’s one thing I do know after today’s workout it’s that IF Poseidon wore shoes, he would only wear one of them.

Be happy. Be strong. Be bright SD.


Important!! Lots of announcements today…

– This weekend is Ragnar SoCal. We have a few teams running. Erik and the Positivity Award will be there. It finishes at Crown Point in PB. If anyone wants to come to the finish to cheer on our teams as they cross on Saturday, let me know!

– Monday is the Halfway Hump. What does that mean? It means we race. And it’s your only chance in April to get gear tagged. Bring one shirt to the workout and leave with some sweet #grassrootsgear.

– Cheer station info for the La Jolla Half Marathon can be found HERE. It’s basically going to be the best time ever, so if you aren’t running it I suggest you come cheer. 

– If you haven’t watched the latest Dooster filmed HYPE video, you are missing out. Put it on the calendars, #sunrise6k in June and #NPSUMMIT in September…more about that below.

– And finally… #NPSUMMIT! Taking place at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Park City on September 25th, this is going to be an unbelievable weekend. You can sign up your 2 or 4 man marathon relay team HERE with your creative November Project team name, and make sure you use the promo code NP25UT for a discount. You do not want to miss this. 

– I love you all. That’s it…for now.

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