What’s in a name (DEN)

Oh hello Denver, I just wanted to say “hi” and thank you for showing up this morning. I know there was fog and humidity in the air that probably had you second guessing which coast you were waking up on, but nonetheless, we be weatherproof here in High Plains Heaven TM.

Today your LieutenantGeneral spliced a few workouts together to give you a simple dose of team-spirited, free fitness. Yes, your team names, which were screamed at the top of your lungs after each lap around  Civic Center Park, were fun, creative, and, well, unusual. I’m pretty sure it was a tie between the Blue Barracudas and Team Awesome to win the team naming prize among the 530 groups. Meanwhile, the 615 group, clued in to the value of a distinct team name, came up with some real champions among their naming categories:

  • Non-Human Animals Category: Flamingos, Cubs, Badger-o-allas, and Indiana Mole Women
  • I’m Tyler Durden category: Rage Cage and Blackout
  • We woke up hungry category: Biscuits & Gravy and Early Morning Ham

There were other team names which sounded like Dick and Venus, but those were deemed ineligible to be posted on the internet before noon.

Oh yeah, the workout ended with an epic 60-second I’m A Star-Jump Off, in which the LieutenantGeneral instilled a sense of confidence among our tribe to attack their workday and finally ask for that raise.

You are all stars,

Lt Flanniel

FRI 4/10 at 5:30/6:15A: Convention Center Stairs (Speer & Champa)

THU 4/16 6:00A: NP Yoga at LuluLemon! All levels welcome for FREE YOGA, breakfast, and a private NP only sale.

Family Reunion Park City 2015: Form relay teams (preferably 2-person teams for Marathon Relay) & use code NP25UT for 25% off entry.

November Project Denver 530 Group - Pledge of Allegiance
November Project Denver 530 Group – Pledge of Allegiance
Im a Star Fives
I’m a Star Fives


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