Today was epic!


I love this day more and more each time it happens. I think I love it more now that I’m just THAT much more aware of all that goes into bringing this to life – as a co-leader.

1- Our legacy co-leaders. There’s always more to appreciate about just how much our legacy co-leaders put into building the Ol 96er / Gristle day to what it is for us all; an epic morning of badassery. There’s still a lot of thank yous inside of me for them.

2- YOU!! In my first 6 years at NP, I don’t know if I paid attention to just how many people take on this challenge each time it happens. I feel like I had some blinders on to so many people who either showed up to take this on or showed up to cheer on others… and at this time of year, it was partly in the dark!

3- Our collective grit. As we know, it takes special and slightly weird people to not only be at the stadium for 5:30am or 6:00am but to also grind it out for that long.

4- Rob. I hadn’t led this solo before. While he was crushing the Gristle this morning, I was getting us going, eating some stairs for breakfast myself, cheering for y’all, welcoming the 6am crew, bouncing, getting in more stairs, scanning for injuries (I can’t help it), tryna snap some photos, and racing over to the finish line to cheer on Ol 96er and Gristle finishers (Chris, I’m sorry I missed you cross the finish line). There was a lot happening in my head today!

All of it though was epic. Like every single moment.

I like that some of you planned out your own challenge to take on today. Oh what fun!

I like that some of you have new goals to reach for next year. And yes, training starts next Wednesday!

I like that some of you listened to your body and admitted that today wasn’t the day. That’s hard to do for people like us. You listened to yourself… even though FOMO may have been at its highest. Not easy stuff.

However you slice an Ol 96er / Gristle morning, nothing beats straight up #stairsforbreakfast today. Way to go friends. Rest those legs!


  • Friday at 5:58am- We’ll see you at the bottom of Walterdale Hill.
  • Saturday at 8:30am (what?!?! 8:30am)– NP Canada is doing a takeover of 104 Street in downtown Edmonton! Bring along your non NP friends who you can never seem to get out for 6am! We’ll meet in front of Credo Coffee on 104 St. Details are here.
  • Monday at 5:58am– If it’s still hot out, bring a towel. That’s all I’ll say for now….



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