Timmis the Wanderer (YWG)

Wisconsin Notes: Here ye, here ye.  Tam came back and wrote a scroll for you to read.  Marina is a boss. Don’t forget to register for the MEC race this Sunday April 3, show up and #raceeverything in your new #grassrootsgear. Log on to the tracker to record your time and sign the waiver – SUPER FUN TIME!

Why does it take a girl who has fractured her skull and ribs (separate accidents) more than a year to receive the positivity award? It’s because we can never find her at the end of the workout and also we didn’t want her to poke her eye out with the oar handle.


Marina, you are bright, and you are smiley, and you give great hugs, and you are committed, and you are a recruiter, and you don’t judge run-on sentences, and you are cool, and you are tough as nails and you are a good friend and you are exactly the type of person that makes November Project so damn awesome. Congratulations.


Have you ever heard the story of man who went away on a great quest but had to leave his young family behind. It goes a little something like this.


In the midst of a cold winter, a man named Timmis, was called upon to slay a horrible mythical (medical) beast. His journey required late nights and the earliest of mornings and Timmis knew that he would not see his family for some time. He left his supportive life partner, Emerica, to tend to the duties of the home and he prayed that they would make it through the winter.


Emerica found himself cold and lonely at night, his broken heart couldn’t take the hurt. He decided to replace Timmis by calling upon the Voodoo Witch Doctor (VWD), Derekis. Derekis was a wild card, everyone knew he was fast but what else made up this mysterious man. Sure, he was devishly handsome and on occasion he drank like a fish; but could he be the one to help raise a family?


I think you know where this story is going . . .

Timmis briefly returned from his journey on a chilly March morning. What he found was that his family was not only surviving . . . they were thriving. Their hugs were tighter, their threads were brighter and the mood was lighter. Justicus Biebicus played his fancy fiddle tunes as the group danced and frolicked together. They dashed and scooted around the village and personal records were set.


While there were still many journeys and prolonged absences ahead for Timmis, he confirmed on that blustery day that his family was strong, his family was fierce and his family would always be there waiting with open arms.

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