Tips And Tricks (DCA)

Tips and tricks for enjoying November Project:

1. SHOW UP: You kind of have to be there to experience it. Sure, looking at the badass pictures at 9:30AM when you stroll into work late because you just couldn’t get out of bed is fun but your life will be EXPONENTIALLY better if you follow through with that alarm you set. We want to see your shining face just as much as the other couple hundred faces.

2. SMILE: Tell me you’ve never smiled and I’ll show you a thousand videos of babies laughing (here’s one). Plus that smile may lead to meeting someone that could be your future friend, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

3. BUT I ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH FRIENDS. You can’t put a limit on surrounding yourself with genuinely good people. So why not entertain the possibility?

4. BE YOURSELF: At November Project we don’t care about your economic status, race, sexual preference, or any other feature like that. Some may liken us to that your friend’s grandmother that treats you like family NO MATTER WHAT. You still need to eat and there will always be space at our table. Warning: You may find that who you become is cooler than your previous self. Get out of your shell. Let the tiger out of the cage. Then bring that tiger to dinner at your friend’s grandmother’s house.

NOTE: We do not condone stealing tigers and bringing them anywhere.

5. BRING EVERYONE: Once you experience November Project, you don’t want others to miss out so bring them along! Plus there’s something truly life-affirming about gathering by the hundreds (or should we say thousands? Can we get 1000 people at a single workout? I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU) to promote positive community, a family that’s always there for you, a group of people that accept you as you are.

6. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Yes. This is a group of 9-90 year olds that is up at 6:30AM to smile, hug a few times, and move around/sweat. Just know that you might be out of your comfort zone once or twice to tickle someone’s ear. We like to get weird. The workouts WILL be tough (but scalable) for ALL levels. When someone asks how your week is going, we WANT an IN-DEPTH answer, not just a ‘pretty good’. Why? Because we’re different. So if you want different, if you want to change things up, if you want to smile more and kickstart your Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday, you know where to find us.

We’ll see you soon then?


Track your time from today’s PR day! (currently down)

FRIDAY’S Location @ 6:29AM #EarnYourWeekend

Cherry Blossom CHEER STATION (from the social page)

Know someone in China, specifically Shanghai or Hong Kong? Tell them to follow the November Project Instagram immediately for info about pop-up workouts



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