There’s a New Sherriff in Town. Actually One Out of Town Too. (SF)

This morning was PR day. Some of you stayed home. And boy did you miss out. Shirts were tagged and PRs were dropped.

Speaking of PRs, all hail the new king, Simon Schmidt. Originally from NPSD but adopted into this faster group, Simon threw down a new PR of 16:55. The first person to break the 17-minute barrier and 15 seconds better than our native Irish son. Paddy to his credit is excited to have a reason to get off the landing and workout with the group. I think I speak for the group when I say hopefully the burpees help bulk him up a month from now.

On the ladies side, Sasha Teninty took the female race today in 21:something. I couldn’t hear her exact time over JMak’s tights. After some extensive research into the NPSF PR history books (lots of unfamiliar names in there!) it looks like the female PR is actually owned by none other than NPNY’s Ali Tercek. I hope I hugged you while you were here, Ali. Her time of 21:42 is the time of record. Our own Punisher is apparently verbaling one month out to take a shot at the time. Ali, if you’re out there, we’d love for you to come back and defend your honor.

Richard Dweck graced our workout today and took some great photos. If you haven’t hugged him, make sure you do. He brought some beautiful magnets with a design drawn by our very own Sunish honoring our girl Sam. If you didn’t get one shoot one of the leaders or Sasha a message and we’ll sort you out.

I do want to mention that PRs are just that, personal. If you’re not going to beat Paddy (which is almost all of us–okay, everyone minus Simon), #justshowup to push yourself. This is an opportunity to push yourself unabashedly. Anytime you do that, you should feel great living with the results. If you are a little slower this week than the month before, that’s okay. Keep working. If you’re faster, awesome, keep improving. Getting fit and fast is a lifelong (hopefully) pursuit and PR Wednesday is just an opportunity get better from wherever you are in your fitness/community/hugging journey. Okay I’m stepping off my soapbox now. Using said soap to clean my hands which are still full of black spray paint.


Hills Friday are at Vermont St. in Potrero. Go to Vermont and 20th. Have a great day!

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