Thunder, Lightening & BG – Oh My!

This morning people reached out in various ways to ask if the workout was still “on?” – Was it the alert we all got on our mobile devices at 4:30 a.m. that there was a flood watch until 8:30 a.m.? Shouldn’t that have acted as your wake up call? Was it the wall shaking thunder that rumbled our homes? Another wake up call maybe? Or was the lightening that lit up the Philadelphia sky? – Probably all of these things… but we are #weatherproof folks – so you just show up and leadership will be there!

Today it wasn’t only the usual suspects who were in attendance either. BG visited our tribe for the first time and it was a pleasure for all to interact with and enjoy this man in action. Thank you BG!

We ran a circuit of squats, stairs, incline/decline pushups, more stairs and sit-ups for the first 25 minutes. Then we broke down into 7 teams and crushed indian sprints for 12 more!

It poured through the majority of the workout, but we all survived. Rest assured, my friends (and Moms) we do take everyone’s safety into account and had the lightening gotten close, or seemed to be present any danger – we surely would have called the workout and all gone to grab a cup of joe or built community in some other way!
We love you. Thanks for coming out! See y’all Friday up on Lemon Hill!

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