Chup yer Vocab (DEN)

Heyo 530 group. Do you remember that word that we said as we were starting the workout today? It was after the “Good Morning”, after the “Fuck Yeah”, after the fuzzy dizziness of bouncing and hugging and avoiding sprinklers, but definitely before the group shot? The word was a combination of real words, we think. And it sounded so cool at 530 in the morning, that the LieutenantSarg was already counting our hatched golden chickens thinking we had the top entry for the NP Dictionary: Yes THIS Exists.

Here are some explanations of the Denver-isms that we’ve so desperately tried to get to catch-on.

  1. NP5280” is our social handle and city elevation. Our city is high and so are we.
  2. Lieutenantsargeral” is your co-leadership team of Lieutenant Flanniel Dan, Sargent Sellen, & General Molly. In August, we’ll finally see all three at the same workout and the bounce will be super awkward.
  3. CHUP”, “Shitchea”, “Pumpupspiration” are some common mashups of the best words in the English language, and defining them would be inane.
  4. Watchie-talkie” when you look at your watch expecting to see the time, but remember that you work for the government and they can hear everything that you say.
  5. Truck Yeah” an alternative refrain for “Fuck Yeah” (#18), that suits those attendees who are minors, in carriages, or are from the east and west coasts of the Midwest.
  6. Lumbersexual” is what your NP5280 becomes in our colder, darker, favorite months of the year. When we let our hair grow out and wear our flannel shirts, jackets, and underwear, the hugs are warmer and the sweat runs deeper.
  7. Spice/Firedrill/Danceparty” is any small change or addition to a workout that will make the workout more fun, harder, more interesting, or all of the above.
  8. Catshirt Friday” is an excuse for many of you to go to Walmart and upgrade your wardrobe.
  9. NP Summit” is an annual weekend-meetup-party-race-festival of November Project co-leaders and tribes mates from around the continent. Previous Summits have been in Edmonton (2013) and Madison, WI (2014). The next summit is in Park City, UT (Sept 26, 2015). You should be there.
  10. “FUBU” is the abbreviation of For Us By Us. November Project is a community not a privilege. We are only as good, strong, fun, and happy, as the people that show up and contribute each and every day.

The tribe is you.


FRI : 530/615A : Convention Center Stairs (Speer & Champa)

9/26: NPSUMMIT PARK CITY, UT: Register a relay team or run 50-miles.  Register w/discount code: NP25UT.

520 Bronco Busters
530 Bronco Busters


Sunny Dayz
Sunny Dayz


Sorry tribe, I botched the group photo. Won't be the last time...
Sorry 615 tribe, I botched the group photo. Won’t be the last time…



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