Throwin’ it wayyyyy back (SD)

We all know that #TBT (Throwback Thursday for those of you not in the know) is a thing… but how bout #TBNovember? Ok, that hashtag might never catch on, but throwback November is officially here in San Diego.

We’re going way back – old school jams, old school clothes (yup, break out those throwback jerseys), old school Boston inspired workouts, and today we had an oldie but goodie at Kate Sessions Park.

Kate Sessions is where we were birthed as a tribe and it will always hold a special place in our heart. To celebrate Kate we ran up and down her beautiful hills, around her glorious grass, and up to her BFF the Running Man. It was magical.

The rest of the #MayhemMonday throwback edition schedule pays homage to our founders over in Boston (since it is November after all). Their three weekly workouts are: a #destinationdeck, stadiums, and hill repeats. So we bring you:

11/9 – Hill Repeats at Tourmaline Beach

11/16 – #destinationdeck at San Diego Rowing Club. FYI – a destination deck means you run/bike to the workout, do a deck of cards, and run/bike home. This is a quick workout and if you drive to/from it you will be missing half the workout. Plan accordingly – or stay after and run on your own!

11/23 – Stadiums at Morley Field Tennis Courts.

See you Wednesday at the fountain!

Guess who’s back? Back again?

– BUFFS are coming back! $15 cash. Get it to Lauren by next Wednesday 11/11. We WILL NOT be ordering extras.

– #betterthanbedtime: Sunday, 11/8, 3:30PM at Ocean Beach Pier. Theme is MIMES vs. NINJAS. You must dress in black and white only, you must pick a side, and you must be ready for a run to a secret location where will will eat, drink, and be merry!

– #deckaday: some of the tribe members decided to throwback to 2013 when we did the #deckaday challenge and bring it to the future. The FB event is here. Feel free to join the fun!

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