Deal (DCA)

We’re dealing out some #FreeFitness. Not just in the month of November (despite the name that particularly confuses people every eleventh month of the year). ALL year round, MWF, we are waking up the District with smiles, high fives, hugs, ear tickles, and all the weird. We’re so hyped on this and we want to know that you are too. What’s one way you can show us? Let’s make a deal: TRACK EVERYTHING HERE. Why? Because if you do, you’ll most likely end up getting some free stuff (besides the fitness, sunrises, and hugs) this month. Also, that little ‘Terms and Conditions’ button allows us to keep doing this thing without having to worry about insurance issues. Signing in at least once (ever) = signing that waiver = Very happy leaders. Transitive property. So this morning’s workout? Those donuts you had for breakfast? Track them. That Friday workout you showed up to? Track it. That PR week you run? Track it and then we’ll know if you PR’d so you can get free CAVA. But you gotta track it all (Pokemon!) to get some free stuff.

COMING THIS SUNDAY: #BetterThanBedtime in the style of #Jailbreak (black and white stripes style). We’ll meet at a designated location @ 4PM. Group jog/run (<3 miles) to a secret final spot where we’ll have brews and convos. Prepare yourselves. Tell EVERYONE (especially those people that say 6:30AM is too early for them).

Find your smile. Help someone find their smile.



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