1st Annual 13 x 1 Mile Relay and notifications

The trick was the cold and rainy weather.

The treat was chase to the wire in the first annual 13 x 1 Mile Relay.


On Halloween Day, 2015, approximately 50 people showed up to Montrose Track in only what can be described as  “type II fun” weather to each run a mile, as fast as they could. Dressed in costumes and rain gear, 4 teams of approximately 13 people each raced, one mile at a time, to cover a half marathon distance. Each runner ran one mile at a time before passing along a baton to the subsequent runner. The original intention was to have a final, team-elected runner complete the 0.1 mile distance at the end, however rain and cold cancelled that plan this year.

Though the temperatures were low, the spirits were high. Humans huddled, sang, danced, imbibed, supported, and were #superfast. Canine companions, some better described as dinosaurs or super heroes, also raced and raised the ruff while making their cheering voices heard.

From the first steps, Rogue Runners’ A-team commanded a racing lead that lasted 51 of 52 laps, even at times extending to nearly a lap’s-distance advance over their closest competitors, November Project Chicago’s A-team. With 5 runners left, however, NP_CHI slowly chipped away the lead to mere seconds heading into the final runner for each A-team. Across 13 runners, over 13 miles, the two teams were neck-and-neck heading into the final half mile. The November Project A-team ultimately passed the Rogue Runners lead, and won by approximately 15 seconds.

To close the race, masses formed and ran closing laps with the final runners from both B-squads. As is our tradition, we closed in a cheer tunnel for the last few steps of the race.

Final Results:
1- November Project Chicago A-team: 1:21:xx
2- Rogue Runners A-team: 1:21:xx
3- November Project Chicago B-team: 1:48:xx
4- Rogue Runners B-team: 1:40:xx


The first annual victory trophy was awarded to a representative of the winning team; K-Salk took it for NP_CHI. For all her leadership and organization of the event, she also received the first annual 13 x 1 MVP award. Shh! Emma Brown also won the “best costume” award for her portrayal as a dancing mime.

Thank you to all who participated, raced, cheered, and made this event a success! Special shout-out to all the Rogue Runners, some of whom even left the event early to cheer on one of our favorite 50-milers, Jed Greene, who was a BA and raced throughout Chicago in the elements that morning. Some of these supporters even ran a 12 mile circuit with him before the event kicked off!

We look forward to more collaboration between groups in the future and a successful race next year!


NP_CHI notifications:

#BetterThanBedtime: Sunday, November 8. Theme: Black and White; specifically: Ninjas and Mimes. Meet at Monument Goethe (Diversey and Sheridan), 4:10pm. We’ll leave at 4:20pm and run together to an “unknown” location. … as ninjas do. Meet up spot: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Monument+Goethe/@41.932588,-87.640804,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x880fd30b2a6b4bef:0x3fd6a4ade48ddb5d

Buffs: place an order! There’s a cool new sexy fitness design that is sure to make you the envy of every social occasion for the next year, as you’ll undoubtedly never take it off once it’s on. Make known your desire for one here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XEy3Y602K6Hl4yhBPGeP5JeU2Ri04yak-M4mZMtEh2E/edit#gid=0

Our Chicago November Project: This month, make an active effort to recruit and grow our tribe. Invite your friends to join and get involved before the weather gets cold. You all have one friend. Some of you even have more than one. Pics or didn’t happen. Bring them.

Media: To enhance the recruitment push, each week we’ll be targeting a media outlet and reporter for us all to put on blast for 7 days, every day, as a tribe. Each week will be a new person and outlet. Get the deets on our (other) social media platforms. Let’s get some attention and spread the fitness fun!


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