Through the eyes of a 8- and 11-year-old [MTL]

I had the opportunity to have my kids at the workout this morning. I love bringing them as often as possible so I could expose them to all the activities and weird things their parents do. I also try to teach them that we could have fun and act as kids even though we are adults. However, today I tried my best to look at the workout through my son and daughter’s eyes. I made it a point to ask them questions and look at their reactions throughout the whole workout to see if I could see a spark.

Everything started at 5:30 am: WAKE UP TIME!!! They didn’t want to wake up – like most of us. Considering they have been going to bed after the usual bedtime because of summer activities, I would have given them 30 minutes if I could but we didn’t. We had to get ready for NP. Once the few minutes of drowsiness have passed, I had two happy campers who are always excited to come to November Project. They ask me a million questions like if Milana was going to be there or if we were going to do burpees this week. Real champs! They have their priorities straight: community and fitness.

Once at the workout, I always love to look at my kids to see their reaction when a swear word slips or if they see their dad sing a silly kids song at the bounce. That is what happened this morning. A classic French Canadian Passe-Partout song “L’été, c’est fait pour jouer” started off the bounce and a “Crisse Oui” ended it. My kids had big smiles on their faces like they just caught their “old” dad in the act. It works every time.

However, the real magic happened during the main workout. I could see it through their eyes that it really felt like school recess. People might have been sweating and swearing but they were having a hell of a time. My kids included. They were running up and down those stadium steps like their breakfast croissant depended on it. Smiling and giggling every time they would pass fellow tribe members doing the same Bulgarian Split Squats or Box Jumps. The Thunderstruck jumping jacks/burpee finisher topped it all off!

We are lucky to have this at November Project. Kids see it naturally but we as adults tend to forget that it is as important to do silly stuff, as it is to get a kickass and intense workout. Lesson learned: as much as we try to keep the workouts fresh and hard, keeping them weird and silly is as important. Recess is supposed to be fun.

So “put on” your kids eyes and just show up. It will make your life just that more fun…even at 6:29am.

Bonne semaine Montréal….#NPADOREMTL

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2 Replies to “Through the eyes of a 8- and 11-year-old [MTL]”

  1. “They were running up and down those stadium steps like their breakfast croissant depended on it.”. LOVE IT!

    Not that those kids have a healthy appetite…😃

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