I fell in love at November Project

Today’s guest blog post is by someone we all know and love. We know her flowy blonde curls, her toothy blonde Clark, and many of us even call her “boss.” Read Dawn Emry’s post about falling in love.

I fell in love at November Project. I didn’t think it would happen, not like this, but it did. I knew it was possible and I was aware it was an option, but for others, not me. Then I changed my habit of the way I thought and my life changed with it. I fell in love with my life. Sounds super cheesy, I know, but I did.

You get out of life what you put into it and I started living in the now and along with doing that came a self realization of just how fucking fantastic my life is. A huge part of this is because of November Project. I was already a happy person but there is magic in our community that if you pay attention will present itself over and over again.

November Project San Diego

When I decided to make November Project a staple part of my life, I created a positive habit. Everything in life can be deduced to your habits. Negative self talk, is a habit, not working out is a habit, making excuses ….it’s a habit. Super simple. If you don’t like something about your life, change the habit. It is NOT always easy and it requires work, lots of work, but it can happen. I changed the habit of looking at my life a certain way and everything changed for the better along with it. The saying is true, sweat more and you’ll bitch less. I went from feeling alone at 38, 39, to finding myself at 40, now almost 41 with a life full of friendships and fun.

November Project San Diego

I have had my ears filled by many with their thoughts about November Project. Good and bad. But lets be real. The first thing I say to everyone is what attitude are you showing up with. You are the reason you are having a great time or a bad time. It’s all habits and choices. If you want to find a problem with something, you will. If you want to be excited about something, you will. It really is that simple. So get real with yourself and think about what you say. Words have power, choose them wisely. I toss that mirror up in my face too, don’t worry. To be a good person, you need to be self aware and honest with yourself when you slip and get ugly. And usually that’s all it is, someone in a bad place looking outward for an excuse to not take responsibility for how they are choosing to feel.

The reason November Project SD is held in such high regard is because of the people who #justshowup. The energy and magic among our tribe is so beautiful. I fucking love the shit out of you all. It is impossible to have a bad day after spending the morning with our tribe. You make me feel rich. Tell me you don’t smile ear to ear after seeing Tom’s excitement or feel special after getting a “good job” from Ang. Ugh, ALL THE FEELS.

November Project San Diego

Do you know how fucking good it felt to look back at pictures from last Wednesday and zoom in on all of your smiling faces. That was everything. I love you all for being so excited for me in that moment. There are no words. Thank you for accepting me and loving me. Thank you for acknowledging me with the Positivity Award. That was so fucking cool. My cup runneth over.

November Project San Diego

Boring Stuff…

  • Monday, August 6 we’re at San Diego City College downtown. 6:29 AM.
  • Sunday, August 5, CRATE ESCAPE! Details on the event page here.
  • AUGUST PLANK CHALLENGE – Starting today, we’re journeying from a 1-minute to a 5-minute plank by the end of the month. Start with a minute this week, and increase it by a minute every week. By the final Wednesday of the month, we’ll be planking ’til fail to see just how far you’ve progressed! Godspeed!
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  1. Dawn you were one of the first friends I made at November Project and I couldn’t have been more Fucking ecstatic to see you get the the PA! Fuck Ya! Love Ya!!!

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