This Shit Is Good (YEG)

We swear a lot at NP.   It’s the good kind mostly, except the ones under our breath at the top of the upper bowl…  Of all the swearing though, the best line came from Dan Graham, leader in NP Milwaukee. It’s a simple line, “This shit is good.”.  There’s no better way to put it.  How epic was this morning!?

  • Chest hair shaved into NP stencil.
  • A tortoise was there. An actual tortoise.
  • We had a real life Sultan show up.
  • A 70 year old decided to celebrate his birthday with us.
  • Edmonton’s riskiest crowd surf went off without a hitch and a drone got proof.
  • We hugged and high 5’ed like there is no tomorrow.
  • We had every Lululemon employee in the city eating stadium with us.
  • We ran thousands of stairs under a beautiful sunrise.

This Shit Is Good.  I had a grin the whole time.  Why does NP work?  Because it feels good in the body and the head.  You are all amazing, let’s do it again on Friday and don’t let your friends miss out on what we are building.


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