Oh My God, Becky… (YWG)

Oh… My… God… Becky, look at those b…-eautiful humans.  They’re so big, and fast, and out there… They must be one of those November Project tribes or something?


82.  Just take a moment and look at that number.  82 of you got up this morning and decided that you were going to make today the day; the day to be bright, strong, smart, and smelly, all before 7 am.  You came, you saw, you absolutely fucking crushed it.  The sun was shining and the tribe has never looked so big and beautiful; thanks for your good vibes and hard work, friends!

Gaston… What can we say about Gaston?  Could we say that he’s a fierce recruiter?  Could we say that since showing up to NP about a month ago, he has lived and breathed the tribe to its fullest extent?  Could we say he pushes himself and everyone around him to be brighter, stronger, and happier every day?  Yes, yes we could say all those things and they would be absolutely true… But we won’t.  We won’t say those things because nothing could do today’s Positivity Award justice like a rousing round of everyone’s favorite Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long:

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Gaston

Looking so down in the dumps

Ev’ry guy here’d love to be you, Gaston

Even when taking your lumps

There’s no man in town as admired as you

You’re ev’ryone’s favorite guy

Ev’ryone’s awed and inspired by you

And it’s not very hard to see why

No one’s slick as Gaston

No one’s quick as Gaston

No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s

For there’s no man in town half as manly

Perfect, a pure paragon!

You can ask any Tom, di*k or Stanley

And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on


Thanks for bringing your energy and positivity out week after week, Gaston!

A couple announcements:

1)   Sign up for the MEC Race this Sunday and bring your#GrassrootsGear to croud the starting line!

2)   POP UP WORK-OUT Next Saturday May 30th at the regular meeting spot at the Forks.  Bring out all your friends who say they can’t make it work on week days!  We know some of you like to partake in adult beverages on the weekend so we are showing mercy – start time is 7:00 am!

3)   Don’t worry, your “Fuck Ya” videos won’t grace the (public) internet any time soon.  But the leaders of NP nation might catch a glimpse or two of some of your smiling, yelling, swearing faces…

4)   Keep being AWESOME.  That’s the most important announcement.

Fuuuuuck Ya!

Rick and Tom

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