This Is What You Came For (VB)

Let me start by saying #WEMISSEDYOUKRIS …

Now that we got that out of the way. Short, Medium, Long, & home base. That’s all you need on a Wednesday morning. That an some good ole fashion hugs with a side of a little bounce.


Was it hot? Yes. Was it humid? Yes. Was it the best part of your day? Yes.

We had some dedicated #traverballers from #NP_MKE. We had some local broken #verbals too. We missed you Kris (See above for the full story). We covered up and down both sides of the Mount(ain) that was formerly Trash. only to run back down the other side, again. Rinse & Repeat.


Check out John and Heather crushing NP_SEA!! I think I can see a Space Needle.. Reppin NP_VB up in the PAC-NOR-WEST!


Looking ahead #PRday is next week.. SOOO look for an updated google doc to hit the social page with all of the times from June PRDay soon.

Also there may or may not be a pop-up this Friday 22 July (Tomorrow). So keep your eyes peeled on the socials. I’m feeling like a #DestinationDeck / #Exploreyourcity for you adventurous folks out there.

One more thing, the WEDS AUGUST 10th workout will be off the chain. There is also going to be some big NEWS and a formal Announcement that day, you will not want to miss it. So get a chair ready (wall sits count as a chair), you might need to be sitting down for this one. HYPE.

In other news, all of the NP Tribes were assigned a sister city. Let me just say we hit the sister lottery and for Paired up with November Project Philadelphia!! Woo Woo!


Get to know the folks at NP_PHL — They are Fast, Fierce, Friendly, & more importantly FUN. Follow them on Socials, Like their Photos, Meet them at a coffee shop. Or better yet, make a TRAVERBAL and check them out in person. They are LEGIT NP to the core.

See you tomorrow at the Pop-Up — Location will be announced later tonight.

Love Red

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