This Is Our Homecoming

We’ve been saying it all week but we FUCKING LOVE BOSTON MARATHON MONDAY and everything leading up to it. This is the time when we get to see the friends from near and far congregating for a celebration of something that’s much more than 26.2 mile course starting in Hopkington and ending on Boylston street. This is the time when we get to cheer on ALL those amazing people that are running to win, running to beat their previous personal best, running to raise money for a charity, or just running because they love moving. This is the time we donate our day off from work to pass out paper cups of water or gatorade, and a word of encouragement to a stranger that’s dealing with extreme exhaustion. This is the only time we don’t care about the traffic or public transportation because we’re not in the rush to be anywhere. This is the time we get to see the crowds of people celebrating the oldest marathon in the world mix in with the crowds coming out of the oldest ballpark in the country. This is our homecoming!

Our crowd today was spectacular! Friends that we’ve been recruiting for years, finally came out to play. Leaders from multiple NP locations came to show off their local swag. Some big names came out to see what this NP thing is all about. Bunch of kids were tagging adults in return for five burpees. And our friend Ron won the well deserved #PositivityAward!


Big thanks to everyone that came out today to make our special day even more amazing!

On Monday, we’re meeting at Cassidy Playground by Chestnut Hill Reservoir. To all our runners, go fast and have fun! To all our volunteers, you are great human beings. To our cheering stations, bring on the noise! To the rest of the world, have an amazing weekend!

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