We’re Having Way More Fun Than Anyone Else! (YEG)

This is us making a heart. This is us flexing. Our hearts are strong. Our hearts are with Boston. The Tribe is Boston Strong. 

When there’s snow on the ground, at the end of April, most people would do whatever they can to not leave the house. They would lie under their warm duvet, crank up the heat, and complain that there is exactly 57 millimetres of snow on the ground at the end of April, and you’ve already packed away your winter clothing, and we should be bbq’ing, and planting our garden. That is what boring people do. That is not us. We get out of bed, layer up, and head out to Emily Murphy Park for some breakfast with the greatest people in the city. We don’t need anyone to convince us to do it (although some people need a video message from their friends before they will show up) because we already know that it is going to be the best part of your day. We’re the kind of people that love snow, the kind that will push your car up the hill when it gets stuck after the workout, the kind that brings the grandchildren in strollers and pushes them up and down the hill, the kind that refuses to put things in bullet points all the time, the kind that doesn’t remember what they were talking about 10 seconds ago.

If you are somehow still reading this, I’d like to give a special shout out to all of those people who never showed up throughout the winter. But once it got warmer, and the sun showed up, they were back! We missed you, and hope that you never do that to us again. I’d also like to point out, that today, you worked out in sub-zero temperatures AND there was snow everywhere. Those excuses of “it’s too cold” and “there’s too much snow” will never ever work again.

Monday we are having a Special Easter Edition of Run Deck Run at Louise McKinney Park.

Choose where you want to start and meet us at the park for 6am. You have plenty of time to figure it out. If you aren’t familiar with the area, here are some ideas of starting points:
Henrietta Louise Edwards Park – 500 m
Le Marchand Mansion – 3 km
Royal Glenora Stairs – 3 km
Churchill Square – 1.5 km

Friday April 25th – 7pm – MEC Night – Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends. We will then head to a local adult drinking establishment at 9pm.

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