This is not a test…(LAX)

Directions: This is a test. You will be graded. Each question is worth 10 points. Do not cheat. Keep your eyes on your paper. Read every answer throughly.


You wake up this morning and you

A)Hit the snooze button several times before rolling out of bed thinking it was going to be a rough one, but turned out to be an amazing morning.

b)Get up immediately with extreme excitement and rush out the door whistling your favorite tune.

c)Slept through your alarm and wake up at 6:45am realizing you missed the best part of your day.

d) were nervous for this was your first ever November Project workout.


You would describe yourself as

a) a human.

b)a bad ass mother f#$%@er.

c) a sexy mother f@&%er.

d) a f@&%er.


The perfect bounce part to a bounce is

a)the questioning of what song we are chanting.

b) a child like high pitch squeal.

c) hugging somebody you don’t know.

d) the bouncing. duh.


You’re locked in a room on the outskirts of the Hollywood Bowl and you have 4 minutes and 23 seconds left before the start of the workout, what do you do?

a)Asses everything I have and realize I have my new friends number from the phone number workout to come help me out by sending a selfie.

b) Start chanting and leading your own bounce in hopes that the crowds will come near you.

c) Wait there because it probably already is the meet up location judging by Steve and Orrin’s location decision.

d)Eat your hand.


You just met someone new at November Project and missed their name?

a)Do you ask for their name again?

b)Start calling them all the names that pop in your head and hope their right?

c) Ask another friend for their workout clothes in which you disguise yourself to ask them again.

d) Hope they forgot yours so they can look like the bad guy.


I often find that I sweat the most when

a)I’m running the Hollywood Bowl stairs.

b)Orrin chases me up the stairs screaming “don’t let me catch you”.

c) I do finger aerobics.

d)during the photo.

e) all of the above.

What is the best November Project Tribe?


b)San Francisco


d)Hollywood, FL

e)Los Angeles



Bonus pts: The number of tribes you have visited equals 2 points.

Great work this morning! You all got an A+ for crushing it at the evolution of man workout!


Do Good LA!




FRIDAY- Cove ave. off of Silver Lake Blvd. Super important we go Ninja style on this. Quite beans all around.,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90039/@34.0956281,-118.2619484,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2c72fa3cd2f51:0xd3edc35ff1c91cfa

SUNRISE 6K- Friday the 19th. Meet at Santa Monica Pier 5:30 and 6:30 crews.

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