This Is How We Do It (SF)

So I’ve noticed a trend in the past couple weeks since Laura left us where people like to talk about how hard her workouts were. And don’t get me wrong, I remember many a McGreen workout where I could barely get out of my chair at work, but I also recall a few other hard workouts too. And don’t think just because Laura’s off to greener pastures that we’re going to let you off the hook. We can kick your ass into gear too when we want to.

That’s what today’s workout was about. Two shorter workouts to drive up the intensity, because as Courtney said, doing either of them for 30 minutes would’ve been miserable. JMak looked mad at me from the start. Sam Goldstein showed up and smoked everyone on the burpees. Doing RDLs felt like a relaxing vacation (stretch those hamstrings though or you’ll pay for it tomorrow). And you still had the energy for some solid dance moves at the end. I look forward to the posts and virtual fist shaking coming my way. But you all went after it and I appreciate that very much.

In case you didn’t get enough this morning, join us tonight for a Bay to Breakers Dress Rehearsal at Alamo Square at 6:30pm. Wear your costumes to test them out, or wear a B2B shirt, or wear nothing if you want, we don’t really care we just want you there. There will be a fun workout, there will be nuun, there will be prizes, and there will be a happy hour after. Sounds like my kind of Wednesday night!

Friday we’re at Sutro Baths, hoping to woo the out of town visitors who are here for B2B weekend into moving here like the rest of the NP world. We want all your people!

Meet at the Lands End Parking Lot at 6:27am.

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