Birds of a Feather

Today we celebrated International Migratory Bird Day. Sure, it started off as a poor excuse to spend a whole day bar hopping and drinking during the inaugural celebration in 2017 (it also coincided with Stay Up All Night Night… yes, that’s a thing). But at November Project this morning, we used it as an opportunity to add some flair to a typical workout format and also to help people practice some valuable lessons.

Ok, yeah, we didn’t overtly talk about it, nor did we preface the workout with any of this, but we put it in practice. Despite the chaos, dumb (hilarious, IMO) jokes, and seemingly randomly planned out formats we present, we’re striving to help build a stronger community filled with happier, healthier people.

And today, it was about Birds of a Feather. The burnout was a group burnout consisting of shuttle runs, group body weight exercises, and arbitrarily self-selected groups. You were flocks, grouped to fly together.

The “problem” with partner and group workouts is that there are inevitably some who are faster, slower, fitter, weaker, stronger… But we’re practicing some important values in these group formats – patience, encouragement, camaraderie, selflessness. If you got stressed and left a slower person behind, maybe next time, encourage them and slow down the pace – push them. If you rushed through the exercises on your own and waited around for the rest of your group, next time be the counter, set the cadence, and cheer everyone else on.

Someone cheering and encouraging another will always be better than a watch and a pace. And a stronger, faster athlete pushing another will always be better than your PR to beat from the week before.

Take these things with you during the day. Take it into your car on your way home, take it into work, take it into the line at the coffee shop, take it home to your roommate/child/significant other/dog/mother/father. Let’s build each other up and bring more goodness and encouragement into other’s lives.

*steps off soapbox*


  • SATURDAY – May 19th at 9:45 AM – Trail Cleanup in partnership with our friends at ELEVATION CULTURE. Details on the Facebook Event Page Here.
  • MONDAY – May 21st – SUNRISE 6K! Wear sunrise colors, and get ready to RACE! Tagging day too, so bring ONE (1) item to tag!
  • SUMMIT on September 14-16th. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from other tribes and to recognize just how big and awesome this COMMUNITY is. We’re more than just a workout group. So grab a team, and sign up for the race – we get 20% off! Details here.
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