NP MTL gets daily “dos” of Uno! – Guest blog [MTL]

Guest blog by Jeremy Ullman

Wisconsin Notes:

  • Workout this week brought to you by your UNO deck of cards
  • STADIUM NEXT WEEK!!! Starting May 23rd 2018, our workouts will be at Percival-Molson Stadium! Get ready.
  • This tribe is strong…but we already knew that 🙂

We call it ‘The Old One-Two’, an expression meaning a powerful combination of two people or things. We paired up and flared up – not in juicy hives but in juicy thighs ‘cause those jump squats, burpees and circuit runs ain’t easy after that 20-25 minute mark. We showed up and throwed up – no we didn’t, but we did inadvertently give Burger King a shout out with a “Have It Your Way” style workout. With UNO deck in hand, any and all pairs picking matching colors or a WILD CARD from the deck got to EXERCISE their free-will, often opting for non-burpee options but hey that’s what happens when you RUN a democracy!

A small survey post-workout revealed a preference for the SKIP card from the UNO deck, which allowed a “lucky” pair to skip doing an exercise. It makes one wonder why we get up before 6am on a Wednesday. You see it’s not just about the exercise, or the burpee, or the push-up or the hope for a SKIP-TURN card from the UNO deck. It’s about the community, the group-mentality, the team-work, the unconditional friendship that forms every week here at NP.

Finishing the morning with a Plank Face-Off, knuckle to knuckle, we demonstrate our closeness with physical proximity and mutual abdominal struggle.

At NP, it’s All for UNO and UNO for All.

Signing off this week for NP MTL. Have a great week everyone!


Important Announcements:

  • As mentioned above, starting next week (May 23rd, 2018) the NP MTL workouts will be at Percival-Molson Stadium for the entire Summer (‘til September). Keep an eye out on social (IG, Facebook and twitter) this week for more information on meet-up location, etc. Invite your friends, colleagues, cousins, dogs, etc. THIS WILL BE EPIC!!!
  • Get some precious sleep this week because next week’s workout will be a tough one 🙂 HELLO STAIRS!!!
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