This is Going to be Huge

When future generations uncover the lost relic of Papago Park amphitheater, brush ashen soil from the remains of a thin aluminum stencil, and ponder what compelled their ancestors to paint crude symbols on their clothing and create an effigy of a mustachioed lawman on a faux saguaro cactus, they will have little idea that September 2015 marked a giant leap for November Project Phoenix becoming a Huge Movement in the valley.

This week marks the beginning of Big Happenings for our tribe. I write to you from the road, en route to the glitz and glamour of Park City, Utah; the North Face Endurance Challenge; and, most importantly, NP Summit 3.0. Dozens of loud, energetic, and vibrant people wait to greet us with hugs (both sweaty and not), shrieks of “fuck yeah!” and the challenge of a lifetime. We will grow with fellow leaders, tribe members, and like-minded athletes and learn how to build on what we – You – have achieved.

phx 9_23 yeah its beautiful

Wednesday’s Cards Against Inactivity workout was a resounding success. Not content to simply run stairs, we treated to scissor lunges, pushups, and dips before the sun crested Four Peaks. Oh, and I heard something about burpees, which is wonderful because I love the feel of burpees in the morning. The tribe was electric; the buttes alive; the atmosphere intoxicating. More than 24 hours later, Jackie and I were still so amped that Lucy would have thought us primitive, judging by the sounds we made in a futile attempt at conversation. Maria, so deserving every week, received the Crushin’ It award from Jesus. We were joined by a writer at the Arizona Republic. We even had a family travel ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA to join us. They are coming back next week to crush the PR workout. Johannesburg is 10,000 miles (16,100 km) away – what’s your excuse?

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We have set an audacious goal: 100 crazy, beautiful people. Consistently. We will tap into the Hive Mind that is NP Summit to build the Hype Machine like never before. And you have the keys. You get to drive. Let October be known henceforth as #Recruitober. Bring one person who hasn’t been to a workout. This is a challenge I am issuing to each of you. We will have more ways to help with the World Takeover next week, so don’t touch that dial.


  • As mentioned, Jackie and I will be at Park City this weekend, killing the North Face Endurance Challenge with our fellow leaders and tribesmen. Ashley will be joining us, as will Meaghen, Jamil, and Amanda if they survive crewing for and running Bear 100, respectively.
  • We will have a social in October. Be thinking of things you want to do to get to know your fellow tribe members better. Those involving sweaty hugs will be given extra consideration. Also, a small bit of manual labor will be involved.
  • Next week is PR week! We are switching from the first to the last week of every month for PR’s. GET READY TO KILL IT.
  • We will be tagging the first week of every month. Donations of spray paint (we prefer flat or semi-gloss black) will be graciously accepted.


The tribe is Fine. The tribe is Fresh. The tribe is Fierce.


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