Today was all about community


we notice when people are gone. we notice when someone misses a workout. we are amazingly excited to see those people come back.  This week we noticed all these things.

I had plans to celebrate some of our tribe for the amazing things they did in the last week or two. But they were gone and we were all sad.
I got really excited when some of our members came back from vacation and from all those things that life gave them as opportunities.
But what today was about was celebrating and supporting our co-leader who was running a 6 day stage race through the desert.

Today was the Graham to Graham workout. the whole time we moved we sent all of our positive vibes his way.  We pushed him through the 20h’s of time on feet that he was going through to make sure that he felt the love. Because that is what this is about.


That is what The November Project is, support, love, acceptance, high fives and hugs.

And today I am so happy to say that we dished that out hard.

Mr. November


Tis time for a wee bit of what was heard on the course….

“IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! BOOM!” Happy day of Birth, Karra!!
“Today we will be doing our own G2G – The Graham to Graham”
“Here is the Scare-case… Yes, that just came out of my mouth hole”
“Nobody is making noise on the course…”
“I like your pace” “I like your distances” “And, that’s how you pick up at November Project”
“I just did 4 ninja Burpees – you didn’t see them because I AM a ninja”
“Bring it in, chica!!!”
“Those stairs aren’t normal stairs, there’s something wrong with them”
“I’m not good with names” “and math!” “And I’m a teacher! Your kids are screwed!”

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