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Huge thanks to our amazing babysitter co-leaders Erica Holt and Shira Klane.  It was a super fun morning here in Utah, and there in Boston.  Your blog today comes from the rockstar Shira:

You came. You mountain-posed. You mountain-climbed. You summited Summit Ave.  You summited each other. You didn’t pay shit.  Unlike hundreds of other November Project yahoos from around the continent who dropped mad dough to run slightly farther distances a little closer to the sun this weekend, YOU showed the fuck up to Summit #OG fo free to run your hearts out.  What?! You weren’t there but you’re reading this anyways?! Well, kind folks, then you missed out on November Project- Boston’s 2015 Summit FREE.POINT.OH.

As seems to be the case when the parents go away, shit got weird with the babysitters.  First, you had a plank off-face off where you planked your faces off before taking off down the hill.  Then, we had you run on the- dare we say- OTHER side of the road, down and up the BACK SIDE of Summit Ave (whaaaa???), racking up elevation gains of your own, but that wasn’t enough for your strong-ass Boston legs; you did 20 mountain-climbers (how many?), 10 air-squads (say what?), and 5 burpees (you cray cray!) upon each SUMMIT of the hill. Then came the notorious front side; ‘nuff said.  Upon eachSUMMIT of that unforgiving, breath-sucking feat, you did some good ole XC sprints up the grassy knoll.  My legs got sore just watching such nonsense.  Who has ever actually listened to their babysitters?!

Apparently, you fools, so track how many reps you did HERE.  Good luck to those of you who have long training runs scheduled for tomorrow morning!

The word, “Namaste,” is often used at the end of yoga classes to convey some variation or another of “the light in me is grateful for and honored by the light in you.” It could also be used as a rebellion to your morning alarm in which you tell it, “namastay in bed today,” which you all intelligently chose not to do.  Today, knowing you would be bossed around by two humans with far less commanding biceps and boyish glee than your typical #EmC2 parental unit, you showed the fuck up anyways and displayed your typical- but oh so impressive- badassery for all those in Sal Tlay Ka Siti, or Park City, or wherever in Utah the rest of you are, to feel at least a moderate amount of FIMO* for your home tribe.  For that, to you, we metaphorically unite our hands together at heart center, bow forward in immense gratitude, and say, Namaste.

*For those of you only familiar with the classic FOMO= Fear of Missing Out, FIMO= Fuck, I Missed Out.

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To all of those at #NPSummit3.0 running in The North Face Endurance Challenge Series races in Utah this weekend- who we briefly poked fun at in the most loving of ways- you’ve got your whole Boston tribe behind you. Go CRUSH! Because. You. Can.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK will be underneath the Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square.  Not precisely under it, but in the K square area, Commonwealth Mall.  Check the map and verbal your ass here!

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