They’re All Face Cards!

Said tribe member Colleen McSupple about the cards laid out for today’s workout.

IMG_1199Maybe she’s right..just kidding, we wouldn’t do that to you guys! Or would we…Anywho, today’s workout was a spin off a previous workout thought up by the fab and fierce Carly Danek. Cards were placed in a central location and each suit was associated with a different direction. Now, the first time we did this, we put the cards a the top of Gold Metal Hill. Today, homebase was at the bottom of the original hill. This made for a surprisingly tough and tiring 30 minute workout.

Each suit had tribe members sprinting off in different directions except for hearts. When hearts were drawn-because we love them so much-we did the number of burpees associated with the card drawn. Spades took us up the original hill to do however many push-ups that corresponded with the number on our card, clubs had us running out to the farthest point to do flying dutchmen (huh!), and diamonds had us making the trek up the original hill AND THEN continuing all the way up to the top of Gold Metal Hill.  Aces are always high.


After 30 minutes, a tired tribe made the climb back up to the Mill for a couple of announcements and a family photo. The lumberjack traveled around the tribe throughout the workout and did not claim one owner, we all worked hard today.

The positivity award was given from badass tribe member Nate to an individual that has a huge heart and an equally huge smile. Today, our youngest tribe member took the positivity award home. Awesome job Milo!


Great job today tribe, it was a beautiful morning and we took advantage of that. Shout out to our new friend Jason who wasn’t looking for November Project but when asked if he wanted to come workout, agreed and loved it. Look for him in DC in coming weeks (hometown)!

Also, happy birthday Ted!


See you Friday on the stairs. UMN boathouse, 6:27am.


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