The RaceMan (IND)

Hey yo #NP_BOS.  We did RaceMan in Indy this morning. #NP_DC, did you do RaceMan too? Our low temps and high humidity yielded Newbies, Recruiters, Traverballers and fierce racing.

On repeat: 5 minutes of stair racing, 2 minutes of rest, although we added some Indy spice. The number of rounds raced in those 5 minutes was subtracted from the number 10 and the result was the number of burpees performed during the 2 minutes of rest.  #ActiveRecovery. Logistically, winners looped around to race other winners, while losers looped around to race other losers, constantly mixing the tribe. We did four rounds total with 2 min of bonus time at the end for character building.

Serious Face turned to Vomit Face during the group pic. And then the tribe proudly showed off their Elvis Leg . Who has Elvis Leg? All the hands go up. Boom. RaceMan, check.  Nice fucking job today, Tribe. Don’t forget to log your rounds on the NP Tracker.

Today the #PositivityAward went to Heather!! Congrats and thank you for showing up, recruiting and working your ass off with a smile on your face.

2014-08-21 00.01.56Reminders:

  • September 24-27 is the 3rd annual NP SUMMIT featuring The North Face Endurance Challenge Series in Utah. It’s a trail marathon relay, consisting of 2-4 tribe members. Check out this video from last year’s event in Wisconsin. It was intense and awesome and did not suck. Check your FOMO at the door and book your ticket to Utah. Use discount code NP25UT for 25% your race entry.


Have a great week!

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