There’s only Uno Ray Bazzi. (ORL)

I arrived to greet the sunrise just after 6am. Before long, our early morning runners started to make their way to our meeting place. One sweaty hug after another, and before I knew it, I too was drenched in a mixture of varying odors of perspiration. (Side note-I went home after the workout and hugged my bf, keeping to myself that the sweat I was covered in was not only my own, but from dozens of others! *evil laugh-that’s what he gets for never #justshowingup.)

On to the workout- #Angelface got the group going with a slightly awkward, but motivational bounce. The warmup, workout, and burnout proved to be no less awkward. We started by removing our right shoes and throwing them in a pile. We then had a race where our fearless group had to HOP to find their own dirty, stinky shoe from the pile, then SKIP and JUMP back to the starting line. Dawn was the clear winner, finding her neon colored shoe, and finding herself halfway through the skipping, while the rest of the group was still trying to find their footwear. Ray put forth an always strong effort, until he got too excited and forgot about the long jump portion of the race. More about Ray later….

The workout was a game of Uno where everyone partnered up, drew a couple of cards, and performed exercises corresponding to those cards-who loves oil-rigs??!!! Switch partners, repeat. That brought us to the burnout, where we attempted a hardCORE planking version of the ‘Cha Cha Slide’. Despite it being our first attempt at such a coordinated routine, and our lack of speaker power, we Cha Cha-ed to the right and left, and laughed about it all the while. Solid work this morning everyone!

I would now love to introduce Ray Bazzi to the rest of the World. Ray has held our Positivity Award for a while now. While his enthusiasm certainly warrants him a long stay as the PA holder, we have so many others in our group who deserve to have this high NP honor bestowed upon them. It is time to pass the Oar.

World, meet Ray Bazzi:

I am a proud father of two amazing kids.   I came to the US from Lebanon to go to school and fell in love with what this country stood for:  Freedom, opportunity and the welcoming attitude for all cultures! I had a passion for learning, so after finishing my undergraduate at UF with a BS in Engineering, I decided to get my MBA at UCF. That’s when I decided to make Orlando my new home!

I found out that I was passionate about Technology and growing businesses, so I started a technology business here in Orlando while going to school at UCF.  The company grew, and I was fortunate to benefit from the economic growth in Central Florida.

If I have to sum up who Ray Bazzi is, I can say he’s into family, community, helping people. I am so excited to do the things I love to do such as exercising, coaching, parenting, hanging out with the people I love especially my NPO friends!  I strive to be self-aware. I’m grateful of my strengths, and spend time improving myself to be a better human being, father and friend.

I am so grateful for November project for putting me in contact with some of the most amazing people who are there for me and will be there for me if I need them!


Thanks Ray, we’re so glad you’re here!


  • August hardCORE hw-planking- we’re up to two minutes per day! Post your videos for a chance to win a prize at the end of the month.

Here are the rules:

Post a photo on Instagram before Monday, August 13th. Photos posted after midnight EST on August 13, will not be eligible.

You must:

1. Be wearing #GrassrootsGear

2. Have a bicycle somewhere in the picture

3. Be Outside

4. Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited #NovemBern #StayOutThere

Link to further details including rules here.

  • Back-to-school workout next week! Bring a backpack full of school supplies that we will donate after using them for the workout!
  • NP Summit in Milwaukee Sept. 14-16. Marathon relay spots are sold out, but plenty of other options available from 5k to 50mi! Code NP20 gets you 20% off: Find race details here.
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