Another reason to #justshowup (YEG)

A love letter:

Dear tagging crew,

Thank you for sacrificing your workout to breath in paint fumes.

Thank you for your precise stencil placement.

Thank you for the care you show to the brand-new-tags-still-on-tops and the well-worn tops.

Thank you for your efficiency, completing all of the tops before time was called.

Thank you for squatting and stretching your hamstrings for 30 minutes.

Thank you for each piece of grassroots gear you created for your November Project Canada family!

Love, your November Project Canada tribe

This morning, not due to paint fumes we added to the air, the sun was a brilliant glowing ball of pink. Stunning views of it could be seen from the tagging pits to the top of the hill. I hope each of you took the time to admire its beauty because as much as we try to capture it in a photo, a photo will never do it justice. Also, you never know when it will disappear forever. Another reason you just had to be there!

Also, did you see the hot air balloon?? So cool!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Monday – Capilano Skate Park
  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stairs, Gate 2
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

More Announcements

  • Edmonton Marathon Cheer Station -Sunday, August 19 – 111st and 102ave – outside of Panther’s Gym. Break out your white or red grassroots gear and bring your energy!!
  • NovemBern Contest – Post a photo on Instagram between Monday, August 6th, and Monday, August 13th. Photos posted after midnight EST on August 13, will not be considered eligible.
    • You must:
      • Be wearing #GrassrootsGear
      • Have a bicycle somewhere in the picture
      • Be Outside (spin bikes will not work, sorry Casey Winkler)
      • Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited #NovemBern #StayOutThere
  • NP Summit 6 – September 14-16 in Milwaukee, WI 
    • The #NPSUMMIT is the gathering of all tribes from all over the world, in this case, all 49 groups, for a long/fun weekend of trail racing, training, celebrating, and meeting new faces from all over who love this odd fitness movement the way we do. The race, as always, is one of the locations stops, for the Endurance Challenge Series by The North Face (Use code “NP20” to register here).
    • There is an NP Canada FB group for those who are Summit bound – ask Nadim and he’ll get you set up.
    • Four years ago a few of us hit the Wisconsin trails at Summit #2 – can’t wait to see what the NP Canada contingent will look like this year.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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