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I’m writing this more so for the people who are “thinking about coming out to a workout…” The ones that ask “well, what is it? What’s ‘free fitness’? Do I need to bring anything?” #justshowup and you will soon get why your friend has been talking about this for over a year…

As a tribe, NPYVR is recruiting hard to reach our goal of 3-2-1 – 321 people at a workout and one of our infamous leaders will tattoo his body with our tag, Paul the Lion. We are talking to people, using social media, soon flyers and NP tickets #printmedialives. We are really getting the word out there, so hopefully this becomes a reality.

The thing is, and I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but it’s really hard to put into words just what November Project is all about. It’s definitely more than the Hokey Pokey. One of the best things I heard one morning was “I don’t want you to kill yourself, I just want your best, whatever that is today”. What’s amazing about this tribe (well, all the tribes around the world) is that it’s for EVERYONE. From the “I’ve never worked out, EVER” to the Olympic athlete/Ultra marathoner/Full Beast Mode – it doesn’t matter who you’re from, what matters is that you #justshowup.

What I’ve learned a lot from this group is there is nothing but encouragement. All positive, all the time. The most supportive bunch of Go Hards you’ll ever encounter in your lifetime. Beyond all inclusive; no judgement; everyone’s capability is valid and revered; everyone has THEIR strength and the only competition is with yourself, especially on PR days.

The awesome things that are awarded are who best embodies the November Project vibe – that person wins The Positivity Award – meaning they’ve got the biggest smile on his/her face, gives epic high fives and THE BEST HUGS – s/he gets to have it for a week and represent NP with 29+ others AROUND THE WORLD. Exclusive to Vancouver, we also give out The Mountain Sexual Award – that person with the #gohardidiotgene – s/he who’s out there every week going balls out, giving it his/her all, pure beast mode. I don’t know how our leaders pick each winner each week because we have some ridiculously talented people in our tribe – everyone is getting better and better each week – pushing themselves and others to reach their goals. That’s good stuff right there!

Here are more answers to those three little questions from last week:

#1 Who/what got you to come out to NP?

“Someone asked me to work out at 6:29am and my immediate reply was ‘FUCK YEAH!'”

“Brie/Christina got me to come out. They said it was fun and free. I had met them both at the RunVan club.”

“Graham got me to come out…there was something missing in my life at the time…I was looking to try new things…get out of my comfort zone.”

“JP first got me to come out, he and I work together and I have always been athletically driven and wanted to see what it was about.”

“Graham drew me in…”

#2 What motivates you to keep coming back”

“The people; the energy; FOMO”

“The community. The people. The energy. And now the high fives and fuck yeahs. Being around some focused, motivated and determined people has inspired me to be faster and stronger and better within myself. It has helped me feel like I can accomplish what I want. To always try my hardest. And be the best that I can be for me. It gives me energy and happiness which makes the day ahead of me a lot easier to move through as a result. Being apart of NP and this amazing community has made me overall a happier and healthier self.”

“All the sweaty hugs! And swearing! And go-hard-idiots! But seriously, these are my people. I miss them in between Wednesdays. NP filled a hole in my life I didn’t know was there. I can’t write any more about this because I’m at work and my eyes will leak wink emoticon

“You! And the rest of the tribe! Where else can you stagger into at stupid o’clock in the morning, pouring rain, freezing cold and wearing headlamps and everyone smiles and hugs and is genuinely happy that you showed up? My world has diversified and expanded and become so much brighter for being a part of the NP awesomeness. The genuine sincerity and inclusiveness exhibited by each and every tribe member is unbelievable. It gives me hope for the world.”

“The great feeling I have doing it every week during and especially after.”

#3 What goals have you set/achieved from joining NP?

“I haven’t really set goals…to be healthier….I want to hike in the mountains and see great beauty…the running helps me with that.. I’ve signed up for races…have never done that before…I’ve cheered people on and it seems to make them happy. ..I like that…thanks NP..might sound dramatic but you saved me when I needed saving…”

“Since joining (just over 1 year)I have gotten leaner, stronger and more happy with my body image. If you are looking for measurables I was able to get a sub 2 hour half marathon. I set a goal to cross the Grand Canyon and back (75k) in less then 24 hours and our November Project Tribe came out and we did it as a team finishing well under 24 hours.”

“I’ve set the 50k goal since joining NP but have also completely transformed my relationship with exercise; it is no longer about weight loss/management and all about happiness, motivation and health.”

“It’s part of my weekly training in preparation for the Scotia Bank half marathon, Axel Merckx Medio Fondo, seawheeze half marathon, and the RBC Gran Fondo this summer.”

“A chance conversation with the delightful Tom encouraged me to be brave enough to try ‘something new’. A new passion was discovered as I now delve into the mysteries and beauty of running through the mountains. New adventures await as the tribe members seek partners and activity buddies: Mountain Mondays, Sunrise Tuesdays, R2R2R, cheer stations, ActiveBC hikes, and who knows what will happen next? NP has changed my life and I am a better person for it. I have not missed a single week since my 1st appearance (2nd week of July).”

Aren’t these answers amazing?! And yet, one cannot fully understand NP without actually coming out… It’s like trying to taste the colour purple …


Manic Mel

PS I finally found out what FOMO means … Turns out I’ve been suffering from that MY ENTIRE LIFE


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