The Wind/Snow Combo

I’m getting tired about talking about the weather, but did anyone else find that today was ABSURDLY cold? The Wind/Snow combo made my face hurt. Few things make me happier than newbies coming on very cold days. That’s 2 days in a row where we’ve had newbies. So Canada beat the US in women’s hockey today. Just so you all know, nothing interesting happened during the workout. All the excitement came towards the end of the game. You’re welcome.

We’ve got some exciting events ahead. Friday is our special Valentines workout. Spend it with people that love you back! Bring a loved one. Bring a not-so-loved one. Bring anyone. One thing is for certain, there will be hugs.

Next week is Olympic week. Please start your training. There may or may not be doping control.

One more thing, if you have registered for the Dead Cold Run and want to make sure you’re running at the same time as us, make sure you send me a message or a monogram by Friday morning so I can let them know. If you haven’t registered and are planning on it, scream really loudly at me so I hear you (or just send us a message).

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