Heating Up In DC

Ok so it’s actually not getting any warmer. We’re actually supposed to get a foot of snow tonight. But we’re spreading our own warmth in the Nation’s capitol. The warmth of hips-in-hugs (great form everyone, no injuries as of yet), smiles, high-fives, some F*ck Yeahs, and the knowledge that we’re not the only crazy people out there. We decided to celebrate an icon‘s birthday today since we so absurdly run on his memorial’s steps every Wednesday. Top-hats, beards, and speeches were top-notch. Danny and my workout explanations are getting clearer (we hope). We completed a McEnroe workout (which has nothing to do with the Olympics or Abe) and finished with the classic plank race.

Props to the 5:30 group for kicking ass today and keeping it entirely real. Especially Lucy, who is probably in Algebra class right now, and to our fearless Mother/Daughter duo (Moira/Maggie) for the special treat #WhatHappensAtThe530.


Big props to the #traverbalers from Boston (Stephanie, Kristen, and Matt).

FRIDAY’S LOCATION: American University Ampitheater

That was cray. . SEE YOU FRIDAY.

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