What we consider to be one of our many mentor tribes and communities, a community we look up to, the first Canadian city and 4thcity to be a November Project city- Edmonton (a.k.a./they will always tell you they are “November Project Canada”)….  we have a learned a few things. They guided us when we were wee learners, pledging to be an NP tribe, 6 people strong in the dead of winter (Jan 2017), showing up on Wednesday mornings, ready for anything and STOKED when someone new showed up to something they knew nothing about (We are always stoked when someone new shows up, that is not new, and still stands strong). At this time and long the growth journey, NPCan co-leaders shared their vision, their mindset around building community, their values around culture and making their city better. They talked about the small things they consider week to week and moment to moment in a workout, that make a hint of difference to a new person showing up for the first time, to someone who is really needing a kick in the ass, or a person needing a real bear hug during a rough week. We feel it’s important to share this, our vision, so you know where we are heading, where Ottawa is going and why each and everyone of you is a part of that. We feel so grateful for this growing community we have in our city, the introduction of stadium workouts and a whole new meaning to PR day. This summer has been one for the books and we hope to keep moving forward as the light in the day shrinks slightly and the brisk winds start to pick up. This community has already made a positive impact, and this is where we are going.

Our vision is having hundreds of people show up, ages 0-101, strollers, baby carriers, wagons, toddlers, wheelchairs, crutches, school age kids, teens and young adults, prosthetics, all abilities, working adults, parents and retired people. To have people making the decision that no matter what comes up that morning, how cold, dark, tired, sore, they know they are showing up no matter what and they do. And they are bringing friends and family out for the first time with them. To expand from Wednesdays, to 2-3 time per week gatherings. For groups to form outside of November Project and Wednesday mornings. For people to gather for fun on other days of the week, to sign up for races and jump in cars to road trip wherever that race may be.  To grow that MEC Race series groups. To plans trips around cities where you can #traverbal. So you never plan a trip without looking to see if there is an existing November Project in that city. For family and friends to wonder what is new in your life, what is that thing that is bringing a new found purpose in your week, and meaning in your exercise, or a positive attitude and light shared in other aspects of your life; for you to have trouble talking about it with people outside of NP simply because you are excited about what it has done for you and what it could do for others; For this once-a-week workout to become so much more than a workout. We truly feel so that it is so much more than a workout. We love moving with you every week, and workouts will always be fierce, free and fun, but they will also always mean so much more than that.

Anywho, Nadim from Edmonton recently shared some videos of November Project summits in years past. I like that idea, because it’s not the same as being there, but it’s a taste (Thanks Nadim). See what this thing outside of Ottawa looks like. They are posted below. This weekend, 49 NP cities around the world will gather, meeting new friends, build friendships, to gather, train, trail race, 50Milkes, 50km, trail relay, half-marathon, 10km, 5km…. These cities will be repping their city tag, tons of people who across the world who wake up early to gather and to get out of their comfort zones, connect and make their city better.

Thanks for sharing your morning with us. Congratulations to our fastest- Seumas and Chelsea, to those who PR’d their 6k time (track in progress tracker, link below) to those who ran their first 6k, to those who pushed are and to all of you for showing up this morning. 



  1. Next week, TD place, bring a friend 
  2. Track your 6km time here then click “Record Results” from the menu)
  3. Read a blog from another a city and have a great day! 
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