Guest Blog Carolyn (WLA)

This week we have a special guest blog by our very own Carolyn! She brings freeze pops when the weather’s hot, supplies for group love letters, she’s got an attitude for success and shares her beauty with everyone around her. We wouldn’t be where we are without this wonderful human in our lives. Take it away, Carolyn!

Let me show you a place I love…

We enter a stadium where the best and brightest have been. We gather here for what some see as a workout, with stairs, and squats and if we are lucky a plank or a burpee.

But I see so much more…

-A mom who is trying to hold her family together but in the early morning hours she sweats out the stresses of life.

-An artist struggling to find his place in LaLa Land who comes here for an hour of solitude.

-A woman training for her biggest race who needs this hour with friends that understand her drive.

-The creative who captures the soul of tribe, then shares it with the world.

-The one who is slower, getting a high five from everyone who passes her.

-The fast one who encourages you to push a little longer.

-The woman whose body won’t give her a break, yet she shows up each week with the loudest cheer.

-The dad with sweat running down his face using fitness to fight the demons from creeping in.

-The doctor who dances to beat of every tune with each step she climbs.

-The student who feels alone, but here feels the love of a family.

I see you, and you belong. Each of you are the heart and soul of my Wednesday.

Just show up, and keep coming back. I’ll be looking for you.

Thank you, Carolyn- for your beautiful words!!!


SIBLING SHOWDOWN! Join us back here NEXT WEEK where we’re hosting a workout in unison with our sister city! Steve from Kelowna will be with us and we’ll be competing against our sisters up north! Show up and represent WLA!!! Facebook event HERE!

SOUTHWEST COLLISION COURSE! Join us on 11/3 for an EPIC weekend of camping & trail running!!

We’re joining forces with NP Phoenix, San Diego, & Los Angeles, and You’ll be teamed up with your West LA friends, running relay style into the night! Register HERE! Facebook event HERE!

NORTH FACE ENDURANCE CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA! Weren’t able to swing Summit this year in Milwaukee? Have no fear, CALIFORNIA hosts an endurance challenge race that many of us consider our ‘mini summit’! A chance to connect and race with lots of friends from other tribes and enjoy a weekend away in the beautiful bay area! Join us on 11/17 weekend in San Francisco! Register HERE!


PRE WORKOUT EARLY GANG: Join our social page for updates on 5:30a runs around UCLA campus!


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