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Hi, I’m the blog! Hopefully today you learned a few new names, matched names to faces that you’ve seen for a while, and discovered what a few of your tribemate’s super powers are. 

There were a bunch of announcements today so here they are in writing

SWCC 2.0 11/3 – Sign up here for an awesome relay race in the desert! Tribes from Phoenix, San Diego, and WestLA will come race against us! 

North Face ECSCA 11/17 – Check out all the awesome races here

SOCIAL MEDIA (more importantly Instagram) – Yes, we do in fact have an Instagram Account and upload some nifty stories AND announce workouts here too.

LAX Social Page – Check out the LAX Social Facebook Page here where people share free events, make announcements, and give shout outs to other tribe members outside of the workouts.

Fun FactHomarus Americanus

Do good, LA!

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