While staring at the weather forecast yesterday morning in preparation for today’s workout, the thought hit me…..November Project Nola really is a lot like the US Postal service.  The forecast showed Wednesday morning 6am with a 100% chance of rain, flash flood watch and tornado watch.   The idea of changing the date or just canceling the whole thing was never really an option.  The only real question was, “How many of the badass, crazy people in our tribe will #justshowup?”

Like the USPS, we promise that every week, we will be on location, ready to bounce, sweat, hug it out, and make some new friends. OF COURSE, also like the USPS, we may not exactly get every little thing into the mailbox.  All in all we hope that, kind of like that “YOU have been pre-approved” junk letter that didn’t quite make it to you, you don’t really notice our little missteps. Who really misses the camera sim card anyway? Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we deliver your workout!!


The point being that today’s workout put the #weatherproof mantra to the test.  The NOLA tribe answered the call.  Sure we missed seeing a lot of you, and we hope that Collin…and Linda…and Gary…and Joe…and Ginger…and Becky…and Caitlin…and 50 + of our closest tribe member friends are doing okay.  While we are sure that you all comfortably enjoyed that extra hour of sleep in your dry, cozy beds, we just wanted y’all to know that those of us who were out there toeing the line today missed you. And we made damn sure that the label of #weatherproof was not lost down in Nola. We are truly appreciative of all of the folks that showed up today.

To close with a quote from Lisa this morning: “My husband thinks I am crazy for being out here in this weather.”  He is absolutely right, and you are in great company!!

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