Biological Box (DEN)

We hear it all the time, the key to the universe is acquired by thinking outside the box. Well, you know what’s really limiting? Titling your blog post before writing it. It is not conducive to thinking outside the box. So now I’m stuck inside this biological box with no idea which way is up or down or where that fluffy gremlin in the corner came from. You may ask, why did you put yourself in this so called box, and that’s a great question. It seems like you could have just written a normal post and then titled it accordingly. It all started when I told Woody that he couldn’t impregnate another man and vice versa (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m almost a doctor). To which Matthew said false and there unfolded a discussion of the minds of what the “biological box” could be if not a uterus, life itself, a man uterus, evolution or the surprise you find inside a box of voodoo donuts? So, on this special day that allowed us to run hills together, eat donuts and celebrate three of our friends birthdays, I ask you to question what your biological box means to you. Maybe step outside and take a look around. Maybe not. You just do you. I hope that made you think a little bit….

….anyway, TGIF! Next week we do our clover thang and race those PRs in order to earn our thanksgiving turkey. Until then, have a kick
-The General, Molly ‘Ringwald’ Thayer

Wed 11/25: PR clovers. Earn your bird at Civic Center Park.

Thurs 11/26: the best day of the year.  I hope you eat until your eyes roll back into your head.

Meaning of life inside of a non-biological box?
Meaning of life inside of a non-biological box?
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